LABASHEEDA - Charity Box

Labasheeda - Charity Box

9 songs
30:59 minutes
***** ***


The strange band name and the intriguing cover artwork are already incentive enough to check out this self-released debut album by Dutch three piece Labasheeda. What sounds superficially like well done indie rock with charismatic female vocals reveals a much deeper layer once you start spending some time with it. Singer Saskia van der Giessen also plays the guitar and sometimes even the violin. David Jackson (not to be confused with the formcer Van der Graaf Generator saxophonist) plays a baritone guitar instead of a regular bass guitar, adding that way a mellower and more melodic touch to the rhythm section, which is completed by Paolo Panza on the drums.

Although Labasheeda are not yet reinventing the genre, they are moving sure-footedly in alternative rock territory, delivering nine songs in half an hour, and that's where I would have wished for at least ten minutes more music, as this still young band already has the potential to entertain for a longer time.

At times Labasheeda remind me of Luxembourgish rrriot rockers Couchgrass, although there is a darker side to the Dutch three-piece, as if they listened to bands like Throwing Muses and PJ Harvey, and then decided to modernise that sound to make it fit for the new millennium. Charity Box is a nice little album, giving already a more than just good look at the talents of this band, letting us hope that there will be many more releases in the future.

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