LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts

Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts

13 songs
47:26 minutes


Band name, album title and cover artwork hint at a not too happy CD, and the first notes already tell me that this is a gothic album. Lacrimas Profundere started in fact as a doom band years ago, but they have in the meantime decided to play melodic goth rock songs with profound hit appeal close the Sisters Of Mercy. There's more than one track on the album (My Velvet Little Darkness, Filthy Notes, Sweet Caroline, Should) which could be interpreted as a tribute to the English gothic and wave kings. But they are no clones as the vocals are much darker and deeper than those by Andrew Eldritch and head more into a Fields Of The Nephilim and The Mission direction.

The songwriting is exactly what you may expect from a gothic / wave band. A lot of the songs are easy to remember and I suppose that when played live, people will be encouraged to sing along to them. Not To Stay is good enough to become a club hit and the six minutes running My Mescaline has the potential to become a band hymn. It's just a pity that the music is not original at all as Sisters Of Mercy did more or less the same already twenty years ago.

But there's also a less pleasant moments on this record. The ballad Short Glance is simply boring, An Irresistible Fault severely suffers from a lack of speed and worst of all is Sad Theme For A Marriage which expresses pure grief.

I know that gothic metal needs sad elements, but this album is a bit too depressing for me. Fans of Sisters Of Mercy, H.I.M. and 69 Eyes surely will appreciate this record much more than I did.

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