LA FA CONNECTED - A Distant Fortune

La Fa Connected - A Distant Fortune

5 songs
17:14 minutes
***** ***


It’s probably annoying if your band is always defined by your members’ previous occupations. La Fa Connected emerged in 2007 with their debut album Urban, received generally favourable reviews but lacked the sizzling spontaneity younger bands sometimes display. Later that year, they re-entered the studio to record a couple of new songs that they have only now released on their new EP A Distant Fortune, which they offer as a free download on their Myspace page.

My first impression was that La Fa Connected come to the point much quicker than on their debut album. With songs averaging three minutes, their energetic indie rock feels much more alive than in the past. Locating themselves between classic DC postcore and more contemporary US indie rock, the band is adept at emotional mood pieces as well as at fast moving rocker, like the excellent Spoiled Boy that shows a band seeming much younger than their age.

Sim has always been one of the more gifted vocalists from Luxembourg, Paul’s intricate guitar playing helps define the sound, and the rhythm section consisting of experienced scene veterans Yves and Dirk can’t possibly make anything wrong. A Distant Fortune starts and ends with mellower tracks, the fiercer material has been placed in the middle. Only a good quarter hour long, this new EP is quite an improvement over the debut. It would be great if the band could keep up this level over the length of an entire album. Until then, there is no reason not to download this excellent EP which is not only free but even comes with downloadable cover artwork!

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