LA FA CONNECTED - The Bracelets High

La Fa Connected - The Bracelets High

10 songs
35:16 minutes
***** ****


La Fa Connected have been around since 2005 and constitute a regular who-is-who of the Luxembourgish rock scene. All five musicians have pasts in popular bands that without an exception left their mark. The quintet consists of musicians who used to be in dEFDUMp, Verbal Kint, Tiger Fernandez, Spyglass,… or currently play with Heartbeat Parade.

The band doesn’t hide the fact that they are strongly influenced by the American East Coast music scene, more specifically Washington D.C. and the famous Dischord Records label. Their style can be labelled melodic post hardcore and shows parallels to bands like Fugazi, At The Drive In and Sunny Day Real Estate. La Fa Connected therefore have not invented a new genre on The Bracelets High, but there is definitely more to them than just mindlessly reproducing their influences. The ten songs constitute an entity where a red thread is running from beginning to end. The music is played with incredible passion, with the balance between muscular and melodic parts being optimal. The charismatic voice of Sim Ramos is as distinct as it has been with his former bands in the past. It is hard to point out highlights because the material is without an exception moving on a exceptionally high level. Spoiled Boy was already featured on their previous EP A Distant Fortune and probably deserved another take do to its unmistakable hit qualities.

As you might notice when comparing to previous reviews, La Fa Connected have improved by one grade point per release, and maybe next time they might even be ready for a maximum rating. Until then I suggest you spend some time with The Bracelets High as there are few other local bands that can claim to possess such incredible potential and talent.

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