La Fa Connected - Urban

10 songs
42:02 minutes
***** **


If bands were words, and musicians were letters, then no matter how you mix up the letters, you always seem to come out with an anagram that works. Nearly at the same time when all-star band Miaow Miaow released their excellent debut album, La Fa Connected did the same, although they consist partly of older people. Veterans Dirk (former dEFDUMp drummer) and Sim (former Tiger Fernandez vocalist) team up with the younger Paul (former Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow guitarist) and Yves (former Spyglass bassist, and of course who wants to forget his involvement in the cultish Mighty Pussy Lickers?) to form a postcore indie rock band called La Fa Connected.

And once you start thinking that review has already been written by sheer name dropping, you shouldn’t forget that even if everyone involved has already gathered experience in popular local bands, La Fa Connected still sounds like a band and never like a project. Heart piece of their sound is of course vocalist Sim who at least since fronting Tiger Fernandez (and before that Verbal Kint) has proven that if there were an award for best singer in Luxembourg, he would be the only one to deserve it. Accompanied by the tricky guitar antics of Paul and a rhythm section that comes from a rather hardcore background, La Fa Connected know how to build tension, juxtaposing melody to aggression, although the former eventually always wins.

Sim’s emotional performance is respectable, the musicians are without an exception masters of their craft, but Urban would have taken benefit from sometimes more accessible songwriting, as on Third Person Monologue where they achieve the perfect symbiosis between complexity and catchiness. That song also starts with an intro by Sug[r]cane, Luxembourg’s most proficient electronic artist who in his deep past used to be a member of Verbal Kint, and thus the circle closes again.

La Fa Connected seem to see themselves in a DC Dischord post hardcore sound, and like to be compared to Modest Mouse and Mock Orange, which probably makes it easier for potential fans to know what they are into. Urban is a good album by a band that took its time to get started but that seems now ready to go their own way. Let’s hope that we will hear more of these guys in the future.

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