LAGUERRA - Revolution Theory

LaGuerra - Revolution Theory

8 songs
35:25 minutes


Revolution Theory is the debut CD by LaGuerra from The Netherlands. Although crossover is meanwhile a kind of music that isn't hip anymore, Laguerra play their hardcore as it used to be in fashion about ten years ago. You hear elements of hardcore, metal and rap, only a DJ scratching his vinyl seems to be missing. The eight songs are absolutely old school, very angry and aggressive. So far, so good. But crossover is a kind of music I never really appreciated in the first place, and LaGuerra are no exception to the rule. There are certainly interesting parts on the record. The melodic vocal parts are absolutely on a high level and there are even two songs on the record which convinced me. On Something You Should Know, the singer tries to sound like Mike Patton which gives the song a Fantomas touch. Highlight of the record is the closing song Fed Up which combines melodies, grindcore, death metal and hardcore in an astonishing way. Maybe LaGuerra should continue this way because all the songs containing rap parts are sounding old-fashioned and dull. This musical style has been played to death already in the Nineties and nowadays it's probably impossible to create something similar that would deserve some recognition.

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