LA HORDE - En passant par le monde

La Horde - En passant par le monde

12 songs
43:18 minutes
***** ****


French metal band La Horde drew their name from La horde du contrevent, the “Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire” winning novel by Alain Damasio, who also happens to be a friend of the band members. En passant par le Monde is the debut album of the quartet where we once again meet guitarist Mathieu Morand (Elvaron, Akroma, Symakria). The other three musicians have also been active in band during the last two decades.

The experience shows! The music lies somewhere between metal, hardcore and punk, and sounds very unpolished and brutal. Influences from bands like Sacred Reich, Nuclear Assault and even Wehrmacht can be made out. The CD offers everything what fans of the aforementioned artists like. Stomping rhythms, thrashing guitar riffs and whiplashing double bass drums attacks make for an authentic late Eighties flair. The vocals are quite special and are bound to polarise people. The somewhat high and omnipresent voice of Frank Laprevotte might annoy some listeners, but one can’t deny his charismatic performance. The lyrics are without an exception in French, which must allow the band more liberties than resorting to English. Some tracks have an English title but are still performed in the mother tongue. Although most song have a very hectic atmosphere, the band sometimes decelerates, and the funky bass guitar adds a special dose of groove. CondamnÚ Ó vivre and J’ai vu are two examples that show how varied La Horde can act. Yet I still prefer the faster material, where I want to pick Nuclear Mind and Les DamnÚs as two special highlights.

Repeated listening sessions will reveal that there is much more to La Horde than you might expect at first. The four musicians are beyond all current trends and probably will probably appeal more to older generations like me. Let’s wait and see if the younger metal fans will come to enjoy En passant par le Monde as much as I did.

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