L.A. LOVE - Don’t Mess With My Th

L.A. Love - Don’t Mess With My Th

10 songs
32:06 minutes
***** **


L.A. Love are a young band from Leipzig who just released their debut Don’t Mess With My Th on vinyl. The quartet, consisting of two women (vocals, bass) and two men (guitar, drums) sounds like paying tribute to the wave scene of the Eighties and adding modern elements.

The band sees itself as the offspring between Siouxsie and the Banshees and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which makes quite sense. The album starts with the two really strong pieces When You Pass By and Deep In My Cup which don’t neglect the guitar and invite to dance. Vocalist Carrie convinces immediately with her charismatic performance. There are also quieter moments, which I prefer less than their more playful songs. The soul swinging Black Holes and Rest In Pieces are two further highlights, both concluding a side of the LP. This mix of Paul Weller and the Supremes works great for L.A. Love.

Unfortunate is the fact that the A side comes with four truly good songs, while the B side only has two pieces that work for me. The grooving disco song Iceland is quite an entry to the second half, but is followed by three lesser tracks, giving the impression as if the band is running out of steam. The final piece makes up for what preceded, but the overall impression of the flipside is mixed.

L.A. Love are an interesting band that acts far beyond current trends and thus should be able to open some eyes and ears, but they are not yet able to hold the initial high quality level throughout the record. They should really work on this, because it can’t be said that this debut is overly long to justify filler material.

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