Landscape Izuma - Kolorit

10 songs
37:19 minutes
***** *


Taking sad core to the extreme, Austrian born Tran Lap Vinh Georg of Vietnamese origins presents ten very personal songs on his debut album Kolorit. Armed with an acoustic guitar that he plays delicately, he performs melancholic miniatures that are the perfect soundtrack for the looming autumn. To achieve a fuller sound, he adds discreetly bass, drums, occasional electric guitar and synthesizers. Influenced by the likes of Red House Painters, Low and American Analog Set, Landscape Izuma still manages to keep his own identity. His frail voice floats on the wavering guitar lines that are sometimes of a tenderness that makes you dread the song might collapse under its own emotional impact.

Kolorit is masterfully done, I grant you that, but it’s also such a sad record that it might deprive you of your good mood. People who are into intimate music will most probably enjoy every second on this CD. I, for my part, can’t really relate and therefore still feel clueless, even after repeated listening.

In times where every self-respecting American indie movie is full of lo-fi singer/songwriter music, Kolorit may still have hit the nerve of the time. The discreet production leaves ample space for every instrument, no matter how sparse they are used, and it’s beyond a doubt that the artist took a lot of care to create interesting textures and memorable compositions. Fans of the aforementioned bands certainly should risk an ear, but those with a lust for life will shake their heads in incomprehension.

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