LANFEAR - The Art Effect

Lanfear - The Art Effect

11 songs
48:49 minutes
***** ***


Lanfear started in 1993 and released two CDs on the DIY-way: Towers in 1996 and Zero Poems in 1999. To my ears, they were back then a very appealing prog metal band. After those releases, the singer and the keyboarder left the band and were replaced by other people which led Lanfear into a straighter power metal direction. The result can be heard on their new album The Art Effect which has finally been released on a real label. The opener Stigmatized underlines already in a clear way that Lanfear have become harder; fast guitar riffs, a blasting double bass drum sound and a classic power metal voice are the proof. Lanfear are however no pure power metal band and a Fates Warning like track like The Artefact gives you some hints about the band's past. Songs like Deeper or Beneath It All show that Lanfear play power metal in a serious way and that they can't be considered as simple trend-setters. Even a mid tempo song like Fortune Lies Within is no problem for the new Lanfear. They are a very good metal band, but I have to admit that I preferred them as a progressive metal band. Nevertheless a true and convincing album.

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