LARIAT - Means Of Production

Lariat - Means Of Production

8 songs
17:42 minutes
***** ****
Last Effort


Means Of Production was the first release on the Danish Last Effort label, and what a release this is. OK, it may be a little too short, but the 8 songs on this CD are so full of energy that your body is begging for a moshpit.

Like many good hardcore bands, Lariat know the magic of combining metallic speed parts with sludgy doom moments, and remind me of some bands I went to see in the early 90ies, notably Rorschach. Kinda crazy stuff, very angry and radical political views. I personally think it's great that the punk scene is still expressing political ideas, but I disagree when it comes to attacking like-minded people like they do in Rage Against The Machine Which You Are Only A Part Of. We may discuss now the credibility of bands like RATM or Chumbawamba, but they reach a lot more people with the commerciality and do more damage to the machine from within than bands like Lariat do from the outside.

Still, let's not discuss the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea. What we have here is great asspunching hardcore, with a ferocity unparalleled by few. To get a little taste, you can download some songs here.

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