LA SEGA DEL CANTO - Light Metal Music

La Sega Del Canto - Light Metal Music

13 songs
39:21 minutes
***** ***


About ten years ago, Mercury Rev familiarised the indie rock community with the singing saw as a musical instrument. Now there’s a weird Finnish comedy folk band using it as a principal instrument. Band name and album title are clear references to the saw used in their minimalist lo-fi folk tunes, although there are also guitars, drums, piano and pump organ giving the music a nostalgic and dreamful touch. The album’s subtitle, The Great Collection Of Finnish Depressions, indicates that La Sega Del Canto is no funny experience.

Sydänsuruja is probably one of the saddest songs ever. I prefer the tracks where saw and pump organ are in the foreground. Especially Näpit Irti and Aurinkolaiva have a weird sentimental sound that creates a bizarre, but dark circus atmosphere.

There is enough variety on the album. Oi kuu is a minimalist track with female guest vocals, Havannah Gilah is an old Russian traditional, Surumarssi has deep vocals that remind of Tom Waits, Jumala has a really nice melody and the rawer Pöhötorjuntaa sounds like a street artist song.

Humppa Records is always a welcome address for unusual releases, and La Sega Del Canto do not need to hide behind their equally strange label mates Eläkeläiset, Desert Planet and Aavikko. If you prefer the romantic and melancholic side of Humppa music, Light Metal Music is the right choice for you.

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