LAST MILLENIUM SUCKERS - So What If We Like Motörhead?

Last Millenium Suckers - So What If We Like Motörhead?

2 songs
4:18 minutes
***** *****
Winged Skull

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I wasn't exactly too fond of the debut CD from this local punk band. The ideas were alright, but the record sounded too immature to me. What a surprise now with this new, very short 2-song EP. In fact LMS had to reenter the studio to tape a song for a Motörhead compilation, hence the CD title. Because they had some time left, they also recorded a new song called eerily enough like the debut album, Suck Up Your Life!, although that song wasn't on that album.

The cover version, Bite The Bullet, is close to being perfect (the song is just too short, so that whenever you start to really get into it, it's already over). In fact it sounds like the type of cover versions Girlschool made in the early 80ies. Even the vocals have the same amount of snottiness.

The new song is the reason why I am so euphoric about this short CD. It's the best song the band ever made. You can say goodbye to the times when the band played simple punk rock. This has a very definite Californian melodic hardcore touch to it, and apart from Petrograd, I can't think of any local band combining energy with melody in such a way.

When you consider that they just got rid of one of their singers, and that they have a new guitar player (Patrick from Toxkäpp), then it's very surprising that LMS sound so tight after these heavy times of change. If the next album will have the same quality as these two songs, then we're definitely into something really big. 10 points.

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