Last Millennium Suckers - Oestrogene Overdose

5 songs
14:29 minutes
***** **
Winged Skull


It can't be denied that the LMS debut Suck Up Your Life was considered as some kind of girly punk by many people, which made sense as the band was still in their beginnings and had two female vocalists. The promotional 2-track-EP which was released some time later already showed a more mature image of the band: only Jenny was singing now, and Patrick of Toxkäpp fame played guitar. On the new 5-track-CD-EP, bass player Giordano got his brother Dario to play guitar too, so that the line-up seems to be stable, for the moment at least.

Oestrogene Overdose had been announced for a long time already, and we were promised that LMS would take a darker approach towards their music, something they called death punk. A first impression was available on the Winged Skull compilation CD with their new song Empty Head, also featured on the new EP. I have to admit that I preferred their more carefree sound on the preceding EP, although Oestrogene Overdose is by no means a bad effort. The opener Standing Ovulations has not only a weird title, but also a memorable melody and a very professional arrangement with greatly working backing vocals. O Fortuna!, written by Patrick, is so far their darkest song yet, with a Carmina Burana introduction. It's at those more sombre songs where I get the impression that Jenny is sounding kinda depressive. Beggars Can't Be Choosers is on the winning side though, with a faster pace and a certain brit punk touch. The quarter hour ends with the angry No Brain = No Pain.

All in all the 15 minutes are very entertaining, the production is very good, and their skills have considerably matured. If you like the darker and more depressive side of punk rock, then this CD is perfect for you. I do like the CD too, but do not love it the way I hoped I would, after the expectations I had. Still, two great songs, and three that are still ok with me, which makes 7 points.

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