THE LAST RESORT - You’ll Never Take Us – Skinhead Anthems II

The Last Resort - You’ll Never Take Us – Skinhead Anthems II

14 songs
46:26 minutes
***** ***
I Scream


The Last Resort are a British Oi legend, even if they were only active from 1980 to 1982. They dared a reunion in 2000, yet it still took them nine years before they found their way into a recording studio. The long wait has been worth it though.

You shouldn’t expect surprises, but that’s the way it is with legends. The Last Resort play classic British Oi punk that reminds strongly of Cockney Rejects and Cock Sparrer. The songs are kept very simple, allowing the skinhead community to shout along even in a state of utter drunkenness. Especially the very catchy Changing Of The Guard and the anthem Stand Your Ground have the potential to become live classics. The songs are of course very raw, Crucified Nation even comes with a metallic touch. Their sound comes across with sincerity and authenticity, underlining the band’s street credibility. I wouldn’t dare say otherwise, because the musicians look quite intimidating and heavily tattooed.

The lyrics deal with the usual street punk topics: fights, cops, drugs, hooligans, poverty, war and infidelity. I doubt that The Last Resort would shirk from a brawl, but they still seem to be otherwise politically neutral.

The credit list even comes with a sense of humour. Next to thanking the usual suspects, they band deals a big No Thanks to Papa Roach, because search engines rather come up with the same titled song by the American rock band than with links relating to themselves. This shouldn’t bother too much because the four beefy Englishmen’s timeless Oi is still fully enjoyable. Their time travel to the Eighties has become a full success.

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