LATE NIGHT VENTURE - Illuminations

Late Night Venture - Illuminations

4 songs
23:14 minutes
***** ***


Three years have passed since Late Night Venture released their last album, making me wonder if they really wrote so little material that their new CD Illuminations has become only a four song EP. Be that as it may, at least you know that this Danish quintet is still an address for quality manufacture.

Recorded by Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna fame, Illuminations can pride itself of a transparent sound that perfectly highlights their dynamic changes between melancholic indie pop and no-holds-barred noisy guitar walls. With an average length of six minutes, the different tracks more or less follow the same pattern. They begin like mellow shoegaze pop songs, gradually increasing their energy until you find yourself confronted by screaming guitar riffs. These mood changes have been crafted so masterfully that you hardly ever notice when the band switches from quiet to loud.

But that’s of course not all! It would be wrong to reduce Late Night Venture to a band that is satisfied to reuse the same patterns over and over again. The real magic lies in the instrumentation that is full of little details, allowing you to discover new intricacies every time you listen to the CD. Tinkling piano melodies, discreet electronics, an emotive rhythm section, wonderful guitars that master everything from indie pop to bristling post rock crescendos and a vocalist with a smooth voice should be enough to convince every friend of intelligent indie noise rock music.

Late Night Venture play music which seems simple on the surface, but has much more to offer than you may think at first. Like a catchier Sigur Ros, without the annoying effeminate imagery, the band has created a mature follow-up to their previous album. Fans will be disappointed that Illuminations has not turned out to be a longplayer.

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