LATE NIGHT VENTURE - Late Night Venture

Late Night Venture - Late Night Venture

11 songs
46:27 minutes
***** ****


Late Night Venture are a new band, but they have released a CD (Your Spectacular Light) and an EP (Lazy) under the name Flying Virgins. This was first level dream pop that I liked a lot. I don't know what moved the musicians to find a new name, but the musical changes aren't too obvious.

The opener Condition Lost is a rhythmic indie pop track with brit pop charm. The album contains some straighter pop songs as the Placebo-like Pay The Moon and the guitar driven Modesto. Those two tracks are scheduled to be released as the single tracks.

Listening to Late Night Venture is not always as easy and demands a lot of attention. Many pieces (So Far, Peace Fountains, Tahoe Morning Diner) have unpredictable melodies, and the fragile, even sometimes distorted vocals are reminding me of Mercury Rev and Sigur Ros. A calmer side to Late Night Venture can be heard on Lazy Star and After.

Late Night Venture are excellent song writers. The music contains so many layers and moods that it is exciting all the time. This is an excellent indie or dream pop album, but I suppose that due to its lack of modernity, it is targeted at a more mature audience.

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