LATE NIGHT VENTURE - Pioneers Of Spaceflight

Late Night Venture - Pioneers Of Spaceflight

10 songs
57:17 minutes
***** ****


Every three years, Danish post rock band Late Night Venture releases a new album. Their self-titled debut from 2006 was followed by the four track EP Illuminations in 2009, and this year they are back with their second longplayer Pioneers Of Spaceflight, which once again continues on the same high level than its predecessors.

The opener Kaleidoscopes, with nearly eight minutes the longest track on the album, offers bombastic post rock from the start. As in the past, Late Night Venture’s songs contain a lot of breaks, and it is not unusual to be charmed by the mandatory dream pop part just to be roused soon after by explosive eruptions. The vocals are used only sparingly, and even though I am not the biggest fan of purely instrumental music, Pioneers Of Spaceflight is never suffering from a lack of vocals. Probably this is due mostly to the powerful production, but also to the lush instrumentation. The second track is Peripherals, for which the band also made a video clip. Here they are acting in a more relaxed way although towards the end things get livelier again. Another highlight is Birmingham, which despite its expansive use of glockenspiel still manages to weave a rather dark atmosphere. Hours, also running a little over seven minutes and furthermore the quietest moment on the CD, shows the strong influence of Sigur Ros, a melancholic side which has also worked well for Late Night Venture in the past. Just as long is the concluding Carisma where the band is acting in an unusually chaotic way, rocking so much that it can only be considered cool.

Don’t expect any major surprises though. Former fans of Late Night Venture will feel this certain sense of validation on Pioneers Of Spaceflight. But still the album has the necessary potential to allow for even more fans. The already known ingredients have once again been refined, making this a very mature achievement that deserves your fullest attention.

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