LATO - More Art Than Convenience?

Lato - More Art Than Convenience?

12 songs
43:52 minutes
***** ****
Firestation Tower


Lex warned me already about this album: irrelevant boring pop music... Mmh, good that I took the time to listen to Lato anyway, because it's neither boring nor irrelevant, but well crafted brit pop from Germany (with members from England and Canada, though), who always come up with surprises just when you think it's time to freshen things up again.

The album starts with Rack Up A Replay, a totally unoriginal song that totally kicks ass, as sometimes it's more important to come up with a catchy chorus than with reinventing music. Next up is a cover version of a Style Council song, which is also the moment to mention that Lato already played concerts with Paul Weller. Whenever they are brit-popping, they luckily never sound like Bluroasis, but use more underground sounds that remind me sometimes of early Mansun. The two best songs are hidden at the middle end of the CD: Fireflies is one of the most moving ballads I have heard in years, and Until Tomorrow (Mia's Song) is flirting with early Seventies progressive rock, where the vocals sound a lot like a young Peter Gabriel.

There are a lot of albums with good songs around these days, but only few use so many styles and surprises without ever sounding disjointed. More Art Than Convenience? is an album which will grow on you, if you like well done power pop music. When I first listened to it, I wanted to give it 7 points, but it has grown already into a solid 9.

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