LA-VENTURA - A New Beginning

La-Ventura - A New Beginning

10 songs
37:39 minutes
***** *


La-Ventura were formed by vocalist Carla Douw and drummer Erwin Polderman, former member of Orphanage, one of Holland’s most innovative metal bands that split up in 2005. La-Ventura choose a safer way than Orphanage by taking an approach towards gothic rock with more pop appeal. La-Ventura are trendier than Orphanage ever were, which may help them to achieve a break-through.

Their main influence seems to be Evanescence which can already be heard on the opener Deadline which contains the usual features like heavy guitar riffs, melancholic vocals and atmospheric keyboards, yet Carla Douw is still far from reaching the broad vocal range of Amy Lee. Also a faster pace would have benefited this track. Even though this influence returns on a couple of songs, La-Vendetta are more diverse than that. Their calmer side offers the melancholic Memoria, the piano ballad Remind You and the mellow title track. I prefer their straighter side, best presented by Only Love Will Find Its Way, an accessible mixture of adult rock and gothic. Even stronger pop appeal can be found on Cry and Messed Up that remind me of The Gathering about seven years ago.

Even if some of the band members have already a certain background, it should not be forgotten that La-Ventura are still a newcomer band. The album contains some real bright spots, but there is still enough shadow left. Further development is desirable, and once achieved, chances aren’t too bad that the band can develop a more personal note.

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