LA VIEJA GUARDIA - La Vieja Guardia

La Vieja Guardia - La Vieja Guardia

5 songs
14:41 minutes
***** *
I Scream


La Vieja Guardia from Florida come from Florida but use Spanish lyrics on their self-titled EP. With musicians coming from bands like Slapshot, Guajiro and Car Bomb Theory, the musical direction shouldn’t be too hard to guess. La Vieja Guardia are not a bad band, but their mix of street punk and hardcore sounds too unspectacular on the whole.

The record doesn’t contain anything you wouldn’t have heard somewhere else before, and then even with more punch. From a musical perspective, they hardly ever surpass the level of M.O.D., although I doubt that Billy Milano would ever sing in Spanish. Eventually it’s the use of their native language which sets the CD slightly above average, by giving the songs a certain exotic flair.

The band switches from angry (Descargar Violenta) to fast (Hialeah Deathstomp) tracks, although they sound best when they approach the NYHC sound, as on Entre Hermanos. La Vieja Guardia rarely manage to capture my attention during the fifteen minutes of their EP. If they ever consider releasing a full length album, they had better work hard on their music.

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