LAY DOWN ROTTEN - Reconquering The Pit

Lay Down Rotten - Reconquering The Pit

9 songs
42:05 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


In Germany there’s never been an important death metal scene, and Fleshcrawl have been for a long time the only better known band of this extreme music genre. Lay Down Rotten could become a band able to make German death metal more popular outside their country. But Lay Down Rotten are not newcomers. Starting in 1999, Reconquering The Pit is already their sixth release.

Even if most death metal bands are inspired either by the more hostile US scene or the more melodic Swedish pendant, Lay Down Rotten have chosen a harsher and quite uncompromising style as known from the British Bolt Thrower. The band is working on a technically demanding level and doesn’t need to hide behind established international acts.

The album unfortunately starts with a rather trivial intro, but the following title track impresses with a huge amount of brutality. The rhythm section is extremely forceful, making this song an invitation to headbang when played live. The next song, Sound Of Breaking Bones, is slower in pace, has a groovier rhythm and pleases with harmonic guitar lines and even a guitar solo that fits well into the track. The album contains eight death metal tracks which are all diverse, but have in common their brutal approach. Even if solos or even Paradise Lost like calmer parts (as on Nihil) are creating parts that are easier to digest, Reconquering The Pit is a merciless record that fans of Bolt Thrower and Obituary will appreciate. Another track that begs to be mentionned is Unholy Alliance, a first class song with enormous breaks and some more playful parts that has chances to enter the top 20 of death metal history.

These are only a few arguments why no death metal fan should avoid this record. Even if Reconquering The Pit is strongly inspired by certain classic albums, it is nevertheless a solid piece of death metal that deserves attention.

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