LEAVES EYES - Legend Land

Leaves Eyes - Legend Land

6 songs
21:10 minutes
***** ***


After their two CDs Lovelorn and Vinland Saga, Leaves Eyes bring their concept about the Vikings' discovery of America to an end with an EP called Legend Land. As both preceding albums have been quite successful, Leaves Eyes don't take any risks and use their typical strengths (contrasting brutal male and elfish female vocals, combining hard guitars with classical instruments) on the new EP. But even if the songs don't surprise too much, they are exclusive tracks not be found on their two albums.

The single edit Legend Land is a symphonic, orchestrated song dominated by Liv Kristine's soprano voice which is sometimes disturbed by growls from her husband Alexander Krull who's also the Atrocity singer. The next track Skraelings only contains female vocals, is more operatic and quite close to Nightwish. It also contains a short Indian folk part. Viking's Word is another fantastic track thanks to the violins, the dramatic voice and the beautiful melody. The Crossing is an epic metal hymn and the lyrics are an ode to the Viking gods. The slowest track is the acoustic Lyset. Finally there's an extended version of Legend Land which doesn't even last five minutes.

Leaves Eyes and other gothic and folk metal fans will surely like this output by Leaves Eyes who have shown that they needn't hide behind Within Temptation anymore. There's also a limited edition of 5000 copies where the band members have signed the booklets during eight hours and now hope to get a place inside the Guinness book of world records.

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