LECTER MD - My Own Truth Is My Freedom

Lecter MD - My Own Truth Is My Freedom

5 songs
18:54 minutes
***** ***

Lecter MD consist of two member from the cult crust band d'Rotzbouwen (Fränz on bass, Thierry on guitars and vocals) and two members of the emo bands Skol and Boltrope (Mark on drums, Jeff on guitars). They were founded in Fall 2001, but we had to wait 3 years for them to release their first songs. A first surprise was that Thierry who used to play drums in many bands changed to guitars and vocals and even shows there his talents. The opener Is It Worth surprises with a very melodic, nearly commercial radio compatibility. Even if the band admits to be annoyed meanwhile by this song, it proves that Lecter MD are good song writers. A little consolation: Motörhead are annoyed with Ace Of Spades, but they still have to play this song to satisfy their audience. But there is of course a more snotty side to Lecter MD, too. Ants Dance and Let Loose (a former d'Rotzbouwen song) are two tracks with a pure punk attitude. Easy is another punk song, but much more melodic than the two aforementioned ones. The closing track is the album's title song and it's the album's heart piece. The song is well structured with lots of breaks and contains as well rock as melodic parts. Although the production is sometimes too clean compared to the much straighter live shows by Lecter MD, it's a very welcome listening experience. Let's look forward to the entire album that is planned for the year 2005.

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