Legion Of The Damned - Cult Of The Dead

11 songs
41:38 minutes
***** ****


Legion Of The Damned from the Netherlands are one of the busiest bands in the harder metal genre. Founded only in 2004, they have released since 2006 new albums on a yearly basis, without ever neglecting quality. On their third CD Cult Of The Dead, they consequently pursue their chosen path, offering again a great old school mix of thrash and death metal.

Keeping their songs quite short, actually no song is longer than four minutes, they play extremely fast and brutal thrash metal that reminds me of German pioneers Destruction and Kreator. Legion Of The Damned are at times even more hectic, as on Black Templar and Enslaver Of Souls, but they never lose control. The mighty double bass drum attacks and the many killer riffs are a treat for every real thrash metal fan. Although the band is flooring the accelerator most of the time, they are not afraid of occasional changes of pace, as on the groovy title track which sounds like an authentic tribute to early thrash metal. The raw and aggressive vocals add a certain death metal flair.

I have to admit that Cult Of The Damned doesn’t sound that different from its predecessor Day Of The Jackal, but true thrash purists won’t be mattered by that, because Cult Of The Damned convinces with engaging songwriting and is free of current trends. Legion Of The Damned are really into what they are playing, and it shows! Keep up the good work!

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