LE MAN AVEC LES LUNETTES - Plaskaplaskabombelibom

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - Plaskaplaskabombelibom

9 songs
29:22 minutes
***** ***
My Honey


Once you have come to realise that Italy has more to offer than just schmaltzy love songs, you will be surprised at how good this Southern European country is at every possible style of music. Apart from excelling in heavy metal and progressive rock, Italy has also a very fertile indie rock scene. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes may have a French/English band name, but that doesn’t prevent them from coming up with some of the most breathtaking music on their new album Plaskaplaskabombelibom.

The CD starts unusually with the laid back The Happy Birth Of You that combines warm synth sounds with multilayered vocals, giving the opener a quite definite Beatles atmosphere. The lush instrumentation and wide array of instruments help to give their sound a very own feeling. The following Apples is shorter and faster, but continues to highlight the Italians confident mastery of their craft. The vocals remind a little of American bands like Of Montreal and Flaming Lips, but instead of limiting themselves to stylistic perfection, they once more convince with solid songwriting. The album continues with more great stuff, alternating mellow ballads with upbeat indie pop songs, all of this done with an ease that belies their still relatively low profile.

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes are always best when they play their catchy pop songs, like on A Summer Song, which once again envelops a splendid melody into a corset of intriguing instrumentation. Instead of being happy with being just another nice indie pop band, they set themselves apart from similar bands by concocting elaborate arrangements that help emphasising their eventually original brand of indie rock, psychedelia and pop appeal.

The album has only one major drawback: 9 songs that don’t even amount to half an hour of music are definitely not enough to satisfy their hunger of their audience. A couple more songs would definitely have been justified. Plaskaplaskabombelibom is still an outstanding release that once again shows that interesting discoveries can sometimes comes from rather unexpected places.

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