LEMURIA - Pebble

Lemuria - Pebble

11 songs
32:55 minutes
***** ***
Bridge Nine


Lemuria released their debut album Get Better on Asian Man Records, a company that was well suited for their punkish indie rock sound. It may seem quite strange therefore that their follow-up Pebble has been released on Bridge Nine Records who are usually better known for their harsh hardcore acts, but there is no need to worry: Lemuria haven’t turned over night into evil shouting gang mobsters.

As you would expect from a self-respecting band with a punk background, Lemuria have in the three years between albums released tons of singles, splits and compilation appearances, and maybe this fertile approach is what makes the songs on their newest album sound so fresh. The cover artwork might let you think that they are just a duo, but that was only true during the recording sessions. In the meantime, they have hired a new bassist to the line-up previously consisting of drummer Alex Kerns and guitarist Sheena Ozzella, both of whom are also in charge of the excellent vocals.

Despite being quite a short album, Pebble shows a lot of variety. Starting with the very slow and melancholy Gravity, things get harder on the groovy mid-tempo rocker Wise People that still maintains its sweetness with a nice glockenspiel part during the chorus. The album’s highlight is the fast and hysteric Pleaser that the Pixies wouldn’t have done better during their heyday. Most of the songs are kept actually at a moderate pace, giving ample room for the great vocal interaction between Sheena and Alex, working best on the short Different Girls, dealing with the life of a couple where the man is a touring musician while the woman stays at home.

Although hardly reinventing indie punk rock, Lemuria have managed to come up with a more than pleasing record that lives from the sweet and sincere emotions it conveys. Pebble might be an unusual release for Bridge Nine Records, but those of you who like guitar driven Nineties tinged indie rock might just be delighted by this CD which was produced by J. Robbins, formerly member of cult bands like Government Issue and Jawbox.

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