LENNARD - First Breath

Lennard - First Breath

13 songs
48:42 minutes
***** *
Finest Noise


The four elderly gentlemen on the band photo don’t look too exciting, but fortunately the first impression is deceiving because there are some fair moments on First Breath, even if the record is not truly groundbreaking.

The CD starts in a rather mellow way with a melancholic mix of rock and pop, without ever trying to break any speed records. The songs are quite ok for that genre, even though I prefer things a little harder. The band aims to create a varied sound, which most of the time works out. Slight soul and jazz influences on Magnolia remind of Steely Dan, other tracks are more bluesy, like Rajagha Rain. Especially the higher vocal parts allow comparisons to Muse. The album’s highlight comes in its middle section with the two very strong pieces Never Before and Junebug Planet with a Sixtyish Beatles flair. The electronic Spotless with its Depeche Mode parallels deserves pointing out too. Of course there are also a few tracks that turned out too soft and fail to arouse me. The esoteric The Bodhi Tree and the concluding ballad Under The House fall under that latter category.

All in all we are left with a good album that leaves a slightly stale aftertaste. Lennard have done a lot of things right on First Breath, but it wouldn’t do them any harm to unwind more often. As most of their songs are still too hard to shock your general audience of the ZDF Fernsehgarten, I am willing to give them a passing grade, but hope that next time things will have improved.

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