Les Dickinsons - On My Lips

13 songs
49:41 minutes
***** ****
What's So Funny About


Listening to the first full-length album by the Bavarian trio Les Dickinsons is a very strange experience. They have nothing to do with Bruce Dickinson and don't play heavy metal like Iron Maiden, but rather this record can be filed under electronic pop music. Les Dickinsons are presenting this style under its various facets. While the opener Les Dickinsons is quite hectic and reminds me of a light version of Atari Teenage Riot, The Plan or Under A Wandering Star have a more relax beat and go more into a Pulp direction. In general the album gets calmer when you're approaching the end of it. A general impression is that Les Dickinsons have taken some inspiration from The Notwist, one of the most innovative electronic pop bands. But they have done very well on their debut; the instrumentation is sounding lo-fi, but never too poor and beams you into a science fiction robot world. The vocals, although they are melancholic and calm, show that they can co-exist with the differently sounding musical beats. Without any doubt, I prefer this electronic pop to primitive techno beats because the songs go easily into your ears.

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