Le Singe Blanc - Strak!

13 songs
44:30 minutes
***** ***
Keben / Magdalena


Strak! is a Luxemburgish expression for being very drunk. You get sometimes this impression when you're listening to what this weird three-piece from Metz is delivering with two bass guitars and one drum set. I was fascinated by their live gig as the opener for NoMeansNo, and their new CD doesn't disappoint me either.

I can't even think of a more appropriate opener as Le Singe Blanc's music is inspired by unusual acts like NoMeansNo, Magma and Primus. But there's still more behind their sound which often is difficult to define. The most bizarre thing surely are the Klaus Nomi like high pitched vocals which sound very strange, but somehow entertaining. Le Singe Blanc like to add effects to the voice. It is often impossible to recognise clear structures in the songs which are noise orgies suitable to make the audience quite nervous. Especially Onktoļ, Geluk Tu Chluk and Zouk From The Krypt are no easy food for your ears. The strong bass orientation is influenced by Primus, but the choir parts and the strange song titles show parallels to Magma, maybe the most intriguing band ever to come from France.

After 35 minutes, the album ends because you don't need to listen to the last 8 minutes consisting of a long blank and a hidden bonus track which is so noisy that you better skip it. Le Singe Blanc is a unique experience, but it is just as well the album isn't too long as I am sure that your ears will be grateful after a good half hour of interesting but also difficult listening session.

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