LES MARQUISES - Lost Lost Lost

Les Marquises - Lost Lost Lost

6 songs
32:42 minutes
***** ***
Lost Recordings


Jean-Sébastien Nouveau is quite the busy artist type. Two years ago, he released the great Not Until Morning with his band Immune, proving that life went on after the demise of Talk Talk. Earlier this year I reviewed an EP by his solo project Recorded Home, and now he’s back again with his newest band Les Marquises. Monsieur Nouveau plays all kinds of instruments (organ, drums, acoustic guitar, beat machine, casio) and is joined by fellow Frenchman Jonathan Grandcollot on bass, drums and casio. The really interesting thing is that they managed to hire the services of vocalist Jordan Geiger of Minus Story and Shearwater fame.

Lost Lost Lost doesn’t sound that much different from his previous endeavours, but I dare say that Les Marquises even go a little further in fleshing out their idiosyncratic sound, combining effortlessly lo-fi indie rock with jazz and post rock sensibilities. Guest musicians add occasional touches of trumpet and clarinet to broaden the sound even more. The opener Only Ghosts gives right away a good impression of what this French-American threepiece is about: the music may be minimalist, but it is also very rich, with the different instruments coalescing into a lush backdrop for the very soothing voice of Jordan Geiger. The following La Terra Trema is even more experimental but with three minutes also the shortest track on the album. Another highlight is the band’s first single Sound And Fury, with a running time of nearly seven minutes the longest piece present.

When all is said and done, one would have wished Lost Lost Lost to be a little longer. Six songs in just over half an hour feels more like an EP, but fans will be happy to know that you can download for free their single which features three additional remixes, so that altogether you do get nearly one hour of music. Once again this inspiring artist from Lyon in France has managed to surprise again by elaborating on his sound. Fans of moody post rock and jazzy electronica will certainly have a great time listening to these marvellous, rich songs.

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