LES SPRITZ - …To The Prior

Les Spritz - …To The Prior

7 songs
20:48 minutes
***** **


It can’t be mentioned often enough: of all countries from Southern Europe, Italy has the most fertile music scene, no matter what genre you can think of: metal, indie, progressive,… Les Spritz from Messina, located on the island Sicily, are just another proof of that. Coming from a punk background, later embracing experimental noise sounds, the three-piece plays hectic math punk that underlines that bands like Melvins, Minutemen, Shellac and NoMeansNo have influenced them strongly. After a demo in 2006, they released their first CD-EP …To The Prior two years later. Instead of showing off with a an expensive high-gloss artwork, they packed their disc into a splendidly self-made cardboard packaging.

The instrumental opener Strumentatio Putris is a true to form entry into this twenty minute record that portrays instantly the musicians’ skills. The dry production helps emphasising the instruments (guitar, bass and drums) which create a nervous fireworks that sets the pace. The following Turumpu adds vocals that are rough enough to prevent the music becoming too arty. Apart from another instrumental, …E Nenti, in the middle of the CD, the remaining tracks all come with vocals.

Les Spritz may not yet have the punch and impact of their heroes, but …To The Prior is already a more than promising beginning of a band that understands perfectly to combine incredible musicianship with unpolished punk rock attitude. The songs take more than one take to stick, which should encourage fans of the aforementioned artists to spend enough time with this debut EP. The only question that remains is if the Sicilians will be able to maintain that high level throughout the length of a regular longplayer. With some catchier parts to lighten up the sometimes very demanding performance, they should have no problem making themselves a solid reputation, not only in Italy, but all over the world.

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