LEVELOMANIE - Raketenenergie

LevelOmania - Raketenenergie

11 songs
44:18 minutes
***** ****
Hubble Music


Although Raketenenergie is already the third CD by Levelomania from Hannover, Germany, I really regret that I missed the two predecessors Onedayseven and Just A Gift. Häuserschlucht is a really cool opener showing how excellent a noise band can sound. But it would be too easy describing Levelomania as a simple noise band. Therefore their sound is much too complex and weird. The song structures are often quite complicated and remind me of great bands like Tool or Primus. Levelomania's approach towards music however is much harder and more brutal, and elements of emotional hardcore can be heard often (Der Moment). This all gets topped by the vocals of Tim Nielsen who used to be the singer for Hammerhai. He uses his voice in a very theatrical way which may be compared to German rock legends like Grobschnitt or Fehlfarben, resulting in something Selig on testosterone. The recipe for a great albums seems easy: powerful riffs, lots of surprising breaks, hardcore brutality and extraordinary vocals. But there are only few bands who can convince this way as Levelomania did. They are one of the best alternative rock bands that has unfortunately been underestimated so far.

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