LICKGOLDENSKY - The Beautiful Sounds Ofgrel

Lickgoldensky - The Beautiful Sounds Of

9 songs
21:57 minutes
***** *
Escape Artist / Conspiracy


Lickgoldensky's guitarist Jamie Getz used to play with Turmoil, whom I remember as having been a rather old school hardcore band. But then it's already five years since I have last heard of them, and everyone has the right, and the duty, to evolve. The Beautiful Sounds Of, to be considered as the first full length of LGS, consists of eight short songs and a longer distorted soundscape to finish the album. Let's start with the good stuff: the music is really amazing, digging deep into the emotional chaos core genre, psychotic guitars, crazy drums and abrasive vocals. Apart from How Are You Doing and Aedificum, not one regular song comes longer than two minutes. That's already also the bad stuff: I don't mind short songs at all, but if a band chooses to make a longplayer with short songs, then eight may not be enough. The seven minutes long track to end the album is an impressive soundscape, nicely distorted, and shows that LGS also have an experimental vein, but fifteen minutes of regular music is then too little for an album sold at a fill price. If you can find it for the price of an EP, get it immediately, because it really kicks ass.

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