LIGEIA - Bad News

Ligeia - Bad News

11 songs
29:06 minutes
***** ***


Ligeia is a short story published in 1838 by horror master Edgar Allen Poe. Now an American metalcore band shares the same name. Both have in common the topics of alcohol, drugs and eroticism.

Founded in 2003, Ligeia self-released an EP before issuing their debut full-length Your Ghost Is A Gift on Ferret Music in 2006, offering classical metalcore fare. Their second album Bad News still has the same label and the same producer (Unearth guitarist Ken Suzi), but comes with many unexpected stylistic changes.

Broadening their horizon, Ligeia add to their metalcore frame other styles like emo, hardcore and even some nu metal. All these ingredients are nothing new, but Ligeia combine everything so adeptly that they keep their audience’s attention for the short half hour running time. The band is fond of changes of pace, so that you find everything on Bad News, from the pretty ballad Heroin Diaries to the ultra-brutal onslaught Teenage Wasteland. The vocals are much clearer than on the preceding album but leave enough room for growls that still fit. Combining nice and evil parts in one song is also not a novelty, but again Ligeia do this with a lot of suspense, as can be heard on Hot Mess and One Night Stand. Those who fall asleep during the too tame Bombshell are compensated with two groovy mosh attacks that end the album.

The cover artwork emphasises the overall good impression. Despite being a somewhat trendy band, Ligeia managed to deliver exciting songs, even if they lack new impulses. As the band is still quite young, I expect them to have a bright future ahead.

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