LIGHT BEARER - Silver Tongue

Light Bearer - Silver Tongue

6 songs
79:38 minutes
***** ****
Moment Of Collapse


The year was 2009 when I discovered British post doom metal band Fall Of Efrafra, and I was really bummed to learn that that was the year they broke up. All good things may come to an end, but vocalist and illustrator Alex CF didn’t stay idle and soon founded a new sextet: Light Bearer.

The debut album Lapsus came out in 2011, soon followed by an EP and a split record with Northless, and now they are already back with their second longplayer Silver Tongue. And this is really a “long”-player, full eighty minutes long, and thus taking all the space of a CD, and alternatively available as a double vinyl record and digital download (pay what you want!) on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Apart from the short, not even three minute long Clarus, the songs are all running between eleven and nineteen minutes. Like with his previous band, Alex CF doesn’t really care for short structures, but instead takes his time building up momentum and suspense. Let’s start with the opener Beautiful Is This Burden, a glorious eighteen minute tour de force whose first five minutes are actually quite tame, coming with a beautiful string section, before the full band joins in and unleashes a tormented piece of post metal that subtly adds elements of doom metal and screaming hardcore. The pace is of course sluggish, throughout the eighty minutes of the record, but that doesn’t mean that things become boring. Light Bearer are smart enough not to repeat themselves, even if certain parts seem to go on and on. Especially the last two songs show the band’s diversity. The seventeen minute long Aggressor & Usurper is one of the album’s more brutal tracks, not surprising considering its title, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have room for more solemn parts, while the concluding title track, with nineteen minutes the longest cut, shows the sextet from its most festive side, allowing for mellow moments that could have come from Anathema, and ending on a rousing finale that makes you hope that this band will not come to an end anytime soon.

The lyrics are dealing with the dawn of enlightenment seen from many perspectives, and anyone familiar with Alex CF’s previous texts will know to expect thoughtful stories fully in accordance with a secular humanist mindset. Light Bearer may have the tempo (or the lack thereof) of a doom metal band, but they rather feel like a post metal band with a hardcore past, and are able to knit it all together in a way to make Silver Tongue one of the most pleasant albums I have come across in quite some time. This is highly recommended for every fan of intelligent and extreme metal music.

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