LIGHTNING DAZE - Caught In A Frame

Lightning Daze - Caught In A Frame

7 songs
21:28 minutes
***** *


Lightning Daze, a young band from Italy, hits the international scene with this mini-album after self-releasing previously three EPs that were probably not so well distributed. This time they play it safe and licensed the record to three different labels (Engineer for the UK and the USA, Strictly Commercial for Germany and Panc for Italy).

The opener Spring Box overwhelms the listener instantly with sunny emo pop rock the way it was popular in the Nineties, and it’s no surprise that their label(s) aim(s) this at fans of Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World and Hot Water Music. But Lightning Daze are not quite there yet! Although they have been around since the early Millennium, they still lack some qualities that will help to make them big. First of all the songwriting lacks dynamics. The songs have nice and catchy melodies, I grant you that, but somehow they never take time for breaks, so that you have to wait for the short instrumental Oasis Of Green in the middle of the record to let you catch your breath. Also the vocalist’s voice is not firm enough, sounds quite thin throughout the album, and his accent maybe adds an exotic touch but doesn’t help either.

Caught In A Frame is certainly not a catastrophe, but Lightning Daze need to improve drastically if they want to survive in the dog-eat-dog world outside. Try to get a more powerful production, more forceful vocals, add a few breaks but keep working on those catchy choruses, you can go a long way with this! I remain with a conciliatory six points but expect much more next time.

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