LILAC - Blue Spring

Lilac - Blue Spring

4 songs
14:12 minutes


"This record is crap"... It's not me who came up with this sentence, but Jakub, the guy behind the emo lo-fi singer-songwriter one-man-band Lilac from the Czech Republic. Armed with an acoustic guitar and one year of playing experience, Lilac assaults us with four minimalist tracks that leave you wondering what this is all about. Is he talented like Jandek and wanting to sound like Nick Drake, or is it the other way around?

The opener Every Monday starts with a noisy sampled intro, then finds Lilac playing some chords on the guitar before, later into the song, he adds some hoarse vocals. Homemade Person is an even mellower track, where he is more picking on his guitar than playing actual chords, and it's here where the Nick Drake parallels are most obvious. The last two tracks owe more to a Jandek nihilism, playing some kind of lo-fi or even no-fi folk. #3 comes with really loud (and angry?) acoustic guitars, while the longer Birds finds its length mostly due to some feedback noise at the end.

Lilac is certainly not like your average singer-songwriter project. It is far too leftfield for that. What remains is a mildly talented musician who plays strange ballads that have a certain power and charm, but lack the focus to catch your attention... "But one day..." is by the way the second part of the quote with which I started this review. Who knows, one day..?

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