LINCOLN HAWK - Vertigo 187 Session

Lincoln Hawk - Vertigo 187 Session

6 songs
26:56 minutes
***** *
A Prod


What can you expect when the frontmen of Luxembourg's hardest and softest band meet to form a band? DeadBoyDreaming (r.i.p.) singer Raph plays guitar, Stories To Tell vocalist Rėsch plays bass, and on the drums there's Jacques with a funk background and playing experience with The Pubbles and WE. The whole story doesn't sound so weird anymore when you learn that Raph and Rėsch are cousins. Don't expect grindcore ballads or superspeed acoustic ballads. Instead you get instrumental stoner rock improvisations that are actually quite nice, also a little unexpected, but after a couple of songs unfortunately a little repetitive.

A good vocalist would be a welcome addition to Lincoln Hawk who prove on their debut that they manage their genre flawlessly. The EP was recorded live (on a Sunday morning without an audience, though) at the Atelier and has a transparent and dirty sound. I bet that this power-trio is a force to be reckoned with live, but they need more variety to entertain on CD.

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