LION'S SHARE - Emotional Coma

Lion's Share - Emotional Coma

10 songs
45:39 minutes
***** *


Lion's Share, a melodic metal band from Sweden, started in 1995 and released their first four albums until 2001. Then there was a break of six years, several line-up changes and now they finally make a comeback with their fifth album Emotional Coma.

According to the info sheet, you learn that Emotional Coma is the band's heaviest album to date, this time totally without keyboards and less progressive passages that could be found on their earlier releases.

Lion's Share are playing a kind of timeless heavy metal and try, more or less successfully, to write rhythmic and dynamic metal tunes, but there are again and again influences from the Eighties, the golden age of heavy metal. Singer Patrik Johannson, who doesn't do a bad job at all, has a voice quite close to Ronnie James Dio. I prefer the heavier side of Lion's Share. Clones Of Fate is the band's most powerful track and shows parallels to Judas Priest. The thrashing Toxication Rave feels like an early Metal Church song. The band is supported by Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover on the more progressive title track and by Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick on The Edge Of The Razor. Trafficking, a bombastic track inspired by early Helloween, is another exciting track. Unfortunately towards the end, the quality of the record drops considerably and the last four songs are rather boring, including the Angel Witch cover version Sorcerers.

The album has an appropriate production, the instrumentation isn't bad either, but the songwriting isn't able to keep the same high level during the entire running time. Melodic metal fans should decide for themselves if they need to purchase this record or if they prefer other bands of the same genre which are trying to be more innovative than Lion's Share who in fact don’t offer anything new on their comeback CD.

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