LIPSERVICE - Cardboard Robots

LipService - Cardboard Robots

11 songs
27:23 minutes
***** ****


LipService from Germany used to be called Cardboard Robots and released a short advance CD that was very promising. In the meantime the band changed its name to LipService. I preferred the old name, but Cardboard Robots has at least become the debut album's title. In August 2005, the first CD was released and the expectations I got after listening to the advance are entirely fulfilled.

The album has 11 tracks, but doesn't even run for half an hour. LipService come immediately to the point on every song, leaving no room for superfluous stuff. The opener The Wet One is my favourite track on the album. It has a certain punk flair and reminds me of Robocop Kraus. But this shouldn't mean that there's nothing left worth listening to after the first song. Every fan of decent alternative rock will adore the contents on this record. Room 19 and Lt. Dan are for people who liked the last album by Queens Of The Stone Age. More melodic alternative pop (El Cortito, Uma) aim at the little foo fighters out there. The harder faction gets the really noisy songs Joe DiMaggio and DSD.

Although LipService only come from provincial Trier, anything but a metropolis, they have the potential to become one of the next big things in the German alternative rock scene. They play great guitar pop with lots of punk and rock roots. The dynamic songs contain tons of drive and I can imagine that they get the audience moving and dancing wherever they play live. An excellent debut from a band you shouldn't lose from sight.

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