LIQUID GRAVEYARD - The Fifth Time I Died

Liquid Graveyard - The Fifth Time I Died

11 songs
51:25 minutes
***** ****


Liquid Graveyard is a progressive death metal band that was founded in 2006 and whose most prominent member is doubtlessly John Walker who used to be in British death metal band Cancer. Spain is known to be a popular holiday destination for British citizens. John Walker not only met his wife there, but started with her and two additional musicians Liquid Graveyard. Two years after the debut On Evil Days, it’s time for its successor The Fifth Time I Die.

It is laudable that John Walker is not trying to set up a Cancer revival band. They used to be really great in their days, but with Liquid Graveyard, he is taking things further. Mrs Walker’s vocals are at times rather raw and remind of the band’s more death metal oriented past, but they never lack clarity and power. The opener I Colossus is a dynamic piece of modern metal which is also at an incredibly high technical level. The interaction between nice and mean vocals comes to play on many different tracks. This might remind of what many female fronted metal bands are doing, but it works with its suspenseful performance. Actually Liquid Graveyard’s concept goes much further than your typical gothic death metal band, resulting in a rather avant-garde sound. The title track is so weird that it could have come from Devin Townsend on one of his more creative days. There are also quieter moments on this exceptional album. Reflections is rather melancholic and reminds somewhat of The Gathering, while the gloomy, dramatic Expendable is showing parallel to To-Mera. Some tracks with a more classic instrumentation show influences from traditional thrash metal bands like Sepultura and Metallica. Maybe this occasional more old school orientation is necessary, as not everybody could stomach an album full of crazy tracks like The Glorious Bitter Seeds.

I have to praise Liquid Graveyard to be willing to explore new horizons. Here and there they might use tried and tested ingredients, but recipe is definitely something totally new. I can’t name any other band sounding even close like Liquid Graveyard, and that should be one of the biggest compliments a band can get these days. I sincerely hope that this outstanding band won’t let themselves be stopped in their tracks by narrow-minded metal fans, and that they will continue consequently in their very own way.

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