LIS ER STILLE - The Collibro

Lis Er Stille - The Collibro

12 songs
66:28 minutes
***** ******


There is no room for compromises in music, according to Danish quartet Lis Er Stille. Some may think this attitude pretentious or even a little arrogant, but maybe they should take the time – and time it takes – to familiarise themselves with the band’s third album The Collibro. If you still persist in not getting it, I will be very sorry for you and hope you’ll find your happiness with more accessible corporate rock.

A quick look at the lengths of the different songs will leave you already flabbergasted. Apart from the single The Real Children, which the band offers as a free download on their homepage, you’ll find half of the songs running between seven and thirteen minutes, while three tracks don’t even make it over their first minute.

The album starts with a strange introduction: All The Blood is a three minute track combining monk chants with classical music, and although it has too much substance to be dismissed as a mere intro, it is a fitting start into The Collibro which continues with the seven minute long Send In The Scouts. It is here where the musicians fully reveal their genius which is seemingly not of this world. From here on, you will have no choice but to immerse yourself into the often very epic songs, interrupted sometimes by strange miniatures that keep it all glues together.

The information sheet didn’t reveal much about what to expect. Comparisons to Sigur Ros and Pink Floyd have been made, but honestly: Lis Er Stille have certainly more balls than the former and are far more adventurous than the latter. You never know where or what their songs are heading for. The overall dominant sound is progressive rock, but in a way you will never have heard before in your life, as if Radiohead decided to crank up the guitars, adopt a symphonic orchestra, and have their vocalist at times screaming his soul out of his throat. This is truly wild and relentless music that never sounds aggressive or harsh. Lis Er Stille are one of the very, very few artists that have somehow managed to come up with their very own thing. Of course the ingredients are not new, but the way they are mashed up in a delectably demanding stew is totally unique. There are also traces of post rock, classical music and jazzy parts with strange time signatures. In fact you will have to look hard to find anything not present in their music. The Collibro is consequently an album that takes many times listening to, and even after repeatedly spending time with it, you will discover new elements. A track like the twelve minute long Shard Of The Ending is filled with more ideas than most bands will ever come up in their lives, which doesn’t mean that their single provides easy listening, as even here the sense of adventurism is omnipresent.

Fans of progressive rock who are not afraid to be challenged by something new have no excuse around this album. I am certain that most people will be out of their depths with The Collibro, but in the end it is more important to be proud of your artistic merits than prostituting yourself for success. This will most definitely become my CD of the year!

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