LITA FORD - Greatest Hits Live

Lita Ford - Greatest Hits Live

14 songs
67:10 minutes
Steamhammer / SPV


What a surprise to get a greatest hits CD by Lita Ford! She released six albums between 1983 and 1994 and waited nine more years for bringing us this compilation the world has been waiting for. In the Eighties when I was still a more naive metal kid, I already had the impression that Lita Ford was not a very talented songwriter or singer. She was of course a very pretty lady and her album covers often suffered from the sex sells image. I think that things haven't changed in the new millennium. Lita is still looking gorgeous and her songs aren't smashers, even when played live. This kind of heavy rock seems however to be very successful in the United States where she had two great successes contained on this CD; Kiss Me Deadly and Close My Eyes Forever (a duet with Ozzy Osbourne). I can't understand how flat rock songs like What Do You Know About Love or Shot Of Poison can be declared as hits. Black Widow for instance is sounding like a female version of the actual Alice Cooper, absolutely boring. Holy Man is a female Bon Jovi version. Falling In And Out Of Love is a terribly annoying ballad. The Ripper is a juiceless ballad. This list could go on without taking an end. This compilation won't have any chances on the European market. Eighties rock is dead!!!

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