LIVIDITY - ... 'til Only The Sick Remain

Lividity - ... 'til Only The Sick Remain

9 songs
30:28 minutes
***** **


These are the kind of guys my grandma would have said that she were afraid to encounter them at night in the street. Not only do they look frightening, but also their lyrics are rather sick, in a weird pornographic way.

So it should be no surprise that Illinois death grindsters Lividity are into brutal old school death metal that has little room for technical finesse. This is primitive but effective music that's influenced by early-90ies American death metal, probably by bands like Incantation, Suffocation and early Cannibal Corpse. Song titles like A Woman's Place Is On My Face or Coated With My Semen make it very unlikely that these guys will ever play with Melissa Etheridge, but if you can't take this with the right amount of humour, better don't take it at all.

I don't know if ... 'til Only The Sick Remain is always really funny, but the album works mostly. Anyway, it's already Lividity's third or fourth album, and you really notice their experience at crafting solid death metal. A song like Anal Autopsy, although it has a really stupid title, has even some technical parts to it.

A surprisingly good album, that should be ok for everyone who like less technical death metal, and whose girlfriend is not a feminist.

On a more critical note: the band should absolutely review their link section and get that one nazi scum link out of there. But then that's the problem with link pages where anyone can add a link.

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