Living Daylights - Ways To Escape

12 songs
36:11 minutes
***** **
Fond Of Life


Living Daylights from the United Kingdom are still a relatively young band that was only founded in August 2007. They started out quite fast with a self-released four track EP which is now already followed by their first longplayer Ways To Escape on a label.

The opener Carve It Out is immediately one of their harder pieces, offering a successful mixture of hardcore and British punk. The following material heads into a more melodic direction though, reminding of American melodic punk bands like Bouncing Souls, Rise Against and the Swedish No Fun At All. Some tracks, like Maps and Wasted On The Rain, even have definite radio airplay potential, please with catchy choruses and remind me of Blink 182. Their noisier Melancholy wouldn’t have been amiss on a Hot Water Music album.

As much as I like the first ten songs, I can’t get around to the two final pieces. Undertow lacks punch, and The Sleeping has become much too long with its five minutes running time.

Don’t expect originality or innovation from Living Daylights, yet you have to grant them that they manage to convey a positive energy and an unmistakable joy of playing. Not everything is perfect here, but the Brits are definitely on the right path with their first longplayer.

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