LIV KRISTINE - Skintight

Liv Kristine - Skintight

10 songs
35:08 minutes
***** ***


Liv Kristine Krull, former vocalist of Theatre Of Tragedy and currently singing in Leaves Eyes, occasionally feels the urge to release a solo album. After such endeavours in 1998 and 2006, Skintight is already the third record the popular Norwegian artist releases under her own name. I wonder if it is only a coincidence that her solo efforts always come in years of football world championships… maybe that’s the only time her husband leaves her the time for recording her own songs?

Unlike her band material, Liv Kristine solo is not really metal. Her new album offers a mix of pop, rock and folk, which might sound at first a little harmless, but is still convincing most of the time. The opener Skintight is a pleasant and rousing pop rock track, followed by Twofold, a dreamier escapade. One of the best songs on the album is Train To Somewhere with its undeniable hit potential. Those who are more inclined towards folk should check out Love In Grey and Life Line, the latter reminding me of Blackmore’s Night. My personal highlight is the rhythmic Boy At The Window where Liv Kristine proves that she is not afraid of experimenting with electronic sounds, making this definitely something for the club dance floors. This mostly gentle album ends with the piano ballad The Rarest Flower which should appeal to fans of Tori Amos.

Metal purist should make a vast detour around Skintight, but everyone fond of Liv Kristine’s vocals in her former and current bands will not be disappointed. I definitely appreciate that Liv Kristine is anything but narrow-minded in her musical approach and not only able, but also willing to think outside the box. Skintight is the ideal soundtrack for the quieter moments of the day.

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