LOCAL BOYS - Whattheclockman

Local Boys - Whattheclockman

13 songs
40:00 minutes
***** ***


It's no secret that lots of people from Sweden like sweet pop or rock'n'roll, and the Local Boys managed in a very good way to combine both elements on their first record Whattheclockman. The Local Boys already had an excellent reputation as a live band, so they were able to get Björn Olsen, a former song writer for The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, as their producer. The opener Masturbate is a straight guitar driven song, quite simple and direct, but very suitable to start off the record. Although there are some more rock'n'rollish tracks (Wonderful, Mama), the actual strength of this extraordinary five-piece is power pop. A lot of songs are very melodic and have wonderful catchy choruses. Although there are parallels to hyped bands like Bloc Party, The Strokes or Franz Ferdinand, The Local Boys' sound is far richer. A certain punk flair reminding of the Buzzcocks can't be denied. Enormously good work is done by singer Totte Störner whose voice is located between Jarvis Cocker and the Paul Weller. You shouldn't expect innovative music, but there are nowadays not many bands playing power pop as energetic as they do. The lyrics are also simple and deal about everyday things. But the Local Boys express themselves in a humorous way and especially singing about giving oneself a blowjob is very funny. I would have given 9 out of 10 to this record, but as there are two lamer tracks (Humdrum Toys, Up North) which disturb the flow of the record, one point has to be taken away.

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