LOCH VOSTOK - Reveal No Secrets

Loch Vostok - Reveal No Secrets

9 songs
52:03 minutes
***** ****


Called after a lake in the Antarctic, the Swedes have chosen a rather unusual band name. Reveal No Secrets is the third CD from this quintet that has been active since 2001. I am not familiar with their previous works, but their new record is so unconventional and brimming with joy of playing that one can, with a clear conscience, label their music as progressive metal.

Loch Vostok manage in quite a lively way to combine the two apparently totally different genres of death metal and melodic metal, without the final product ever sounding chaotic or awkward. The band plays on an exceptionally high technical level, and their songwriting also doesn’t need to hide behind the competition. Their songs are full of dynamics, and you can’t complain about a lack of breaks. The keyboards have a rather dominant role, which fits perfectly under the circumstances. It’s hard to come up with comparisons, although it makes somewhat sense to see them as a more extreme version of Queensr˙che. Reveal No Secrets shares with Operation: Mindcrime the changing between dreamy parts and brutal neck breakers. Thirty Years features a female guest singer, pushing that track into the vicinity of The Gathering, with a similar light gothic feeling. This is followed by my favourite piece, Raiders Of The Lost Heart, which contains intricate structures, reminding a little of the late Swiss band Coroner. The album ends excellently with Breakthru, a surprisingly calm song that should appease the doom faction.

Reveal No Secrets has turned out to become a surprisingly great metal album. This CD might very well be one of the big surprises of the year. Rarely musicians act so uncomplicatedly and yet every little detail has been planned and executed with the greatest care. The demanding metal consumer will have a hard time to find an excuse not to get this splendid record.

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