LOGH - The Raging Sun

Logh - The Raging Sun

10 songs
44:42 minutes
***** ****
Bad Taste / Conspiracy


The cover artwork shows a scary looking skull, sometime in the future Logh are about to release a cover version of Slayer's War Ensemble on a seven inch EP, and still this is not an evil metal band. On the contrary, the guitars are only rarely distorted on this second longplayer The Raging Sun from the Swedish four-piece Logh.

The opener and first single The Contractor And The Assassin is already a perfect entrypoint for a great album. Independent rock at its best, intelligent but not too intellectual, complex but never too complicated, melancholic but not pathetic. Once you got over that first song, you get a two and a half minutes break with the sad piano ballad End Cycle. From there on, you will see that Logh master everything from the slowest ballads (Thin Lines, Lights From Sovereign States) to even more rocking songs with distorted guitars (The Bones Of Generations, At This My Arm Was Weakened). At moments I am tempted to put them in the sad core drawer, but Logh never drown in self-pity the way Cat Power or Low love to do, and Logh show us often enough that they can rock. Slayer fans have a reputation to take care of. With the long epic City, I'm Sorry you'll get another great tune, although calling it the single highlight would be unfair considering the high quality of the entire album.

This is a near-perfect album that could have lasted a bit longer, considering the slow speed of the overall playing. But the three quarters of an hour presented here should appeal to every true indie friend.

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